18 - 01 - 2018
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Be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 XL-ATX Mid-Tower Review

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be quiet dark base pro 900 7t 
Thanks to its elegant looks the Dark Base Pro 900 should blend in pretty much anywhere. In terms of size the 15kg heavy Dark Base Pro 900 measures 585mm in length, 577mm in height and 243mm in width.



The entire left side panel is made out of 4mm thick tinted tempered glass.



There are several perforated sections on both sides which should allow air to reach inside.



The fascia is made out of hard plastic and is also perforated on both ends to allow air to reach the two fans (three if you decide to install a 3rd one) placed behind it.



As you can see the fascia opens up and features a piece of insulating mat behind it.



Aside the two 5.25" drive bays we also see a fan controller and a large removable air-filter.



Here we also find the first two 140mm SilentWings 3 PWM fans.



From the lower end of the front you can also remove the bottom air-filter as seen above.



The I/O is located at the top of the fascia and has two USB 3.0 ports, microphone and headphone ports, on/off power button/LED, reset button, HDD activity LED and two USB 2.0 ports.



Taking a look at the top of the Dark Base Pro 900 the first thing we see is the Qi wireless charger which can be used with compatible devices (smartphones primarily).



Strangely enough the Dark Base Pro 900 has two rather small perforated sections at the rear of the top (I’d expect more or larger ones for better air circulation).



At the rear we see a 140mm PWM exhaust fan, 8 PCI expansion slots and a rather strange looking PSU area at the bottom.



The right side panel has the be quiet! logo on a plastic section.



The case sits on four tall feet but as you can see there's no perforated area for the PSU (the lower perforated sections on both side panels are used for that).