18 - 11 - 2017
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X2 Isolatic 6020 ATX Mid-Tower Review

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As always the purpose of this section is not to build a functional system but rather to showcase what you can expect from the case at hand in terms of interior space.

x2 isolatic 6020 25t

Even our standard ATX sized mainboard seems to be too much for the Isolatic since it leaves almost no free space on either side.



x2 isolatic 6020 26t

We mounted an 240mm radiator at the top to showcase that it’s possible, still this is not an AIO model although those should fit nicely too.



x2 isolatic 6020 27t

With a clearance of up to 170mm in height for CPU coolers you can also use most available ones in the market today.



x2 isolatic 6020 28t

X2 claims you can mount PCIe cards up to 370mm in length but that applies only for the two top ones since the third and fourth (if applicable) are limited at roughly 265mm due to the drive cage.



x2 isolatic 6020 29t

As for the PSU are if you use a regular sized PSU like the Thermaltake Grand Gold 850W you will have no problems whatsoever.