20 - 11 - 2017
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X2 Isolatic 6020 ATX Mid-Tower Review

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x2 isolatic 6020 17t

The Isolatic is not a very spacious mid-tower and if his dimensions are not enough you can see that the moment you remove the side panel.



x2 isolatic 6020 18t

Both 5.25” drive bays feature tool-free lock mechanisms while the 1.44” drive bay can also be used with a 3.5” drive.



x2 isolatic 6020 19t

Further down we see the 3.5” drive cage which can hold up to three drives.



x2 isolatic 6020 20t

There’s also room at the top of the cage for a single 2.5” drive.



x2 isolatic 6020 21t

A total of 3 cable management holes are placed on the mainboard tray (minus the rather small CPU cutout).



x2 isolatic 6020 22t

We rarely see PCI shields that can’t be used again but the Isolatic comes with exactly that.



x2 isolatic 6020 23t

The PSU area has enough room for standard sized models, anything larger and you will probably have clearance issues.



x2 isolatic 6020 24t

Unfortunately there’s not enough room for cable management behind the mainboard tray but thanks to the right side panel which extends outwards that shouldn’t be a problem.