18 - 11 - 2017
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X2 Isolatic 6020 ATX Mid-Tower Review

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x2 isolatic 6020 6t

The glossy top and front of the Isolatic 6020 reminds us of some older designs but regardless it looks good and young gamers should like it even more (the Isolatic measures 472mm in height, 211mm in width and 526mm in length).



x2 isolatic 6020 7t

Most of the left side panel is taken by a clear acrylic window.



x2 isolatic 6020 8t

Here you may see why we said that the Isolatic looks a lot like a helmet from the Mass Effect series.



x2 isolatic 6020 9t

Unlike most current PC cases the Isolatic features a plastic front door which is used to cover two 5.25” drive bays and the 1.44” floppy bay.



x2 isolatic 6020 10t

Behind the fascia there’s enough room for either two 120mm fans or a single 140mm fan (if you decide to forsake the 1.44” bay you can also install a 240mm radiator here).



x2 isolatic 6020 11t

Moving at the top we see the on/off power button with the power LED, fan controller buttons, two USB 3.0 ports, USB 2.0 port and the classic headphone and microphone ports.



x2 isolatic 6020 12tx2 isolatic 6020 13tAt the rear top we see a small grill and beneath that we see the available space for either two 120mm fans or a 240mm radiator.



x2 isolatic 6020 14tx2 isolatic 6020 15t
Turning the case around we see the 7 PCI expansion slots (these feature single use covers), 120mm exhaust fan (can be replaced with a 90/80mm fan) and the PSU area.



x2 isolatic 6020 16t

The Isolatic sits on 4 tall feet and features a removable metal air-filter (not very easy to remove).