20 - 11 - 2017
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Deepcool Dukase Midi Tower Review

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   Although just until recently Deepcool wasn't that much into the design and manufacture of PC cases that has changed with their special Tristellar chassis (we should have a sample of that pretty soon) and now with the Dukase. I have to admit that in terms of build quality the Dukase could be better but thanks to the two side panels which are made by 0.7mm thick SPCC (Cold Rolled Steel Coil) it does have some weight (6.49Kg to be exact) and feels quite sturdy. The aluminum (could also be made out of metal however) drive trays are a nice touch while the ability to add up to two radiators (top 280mm/front 240mm) is not something we see a lot with towers of that size (not to mention that with a little bit of modding you should be able to place a 360mm radiator at the front). The PSU area cover is also a nice addition since it allows you to route cables behind it and not care about cable management but i would like to be able to use longer PSUs since the really long ones we have here didn't fit (should not be hard to mod that area to fit even those however). Also having enough room for the longest graphics cards and tallest CPU coolers is never a bad thing but i still think Deepcool should had placed more than just 1 fan inside the case as i feel they should had shipped the case with RGB strips beneath the top panel (or at least have one such version available).

   Deepcool currently asks a mere USD49.99 inside the USA (Newegg.com) and 77Euros inside the EU (Amazon.co.uk) for their Dukase Midi Tower a price tag which at least on the other side of the Atlantic is quite balanced. I do feel it needs some "tweaking" inside the EU but at least in the USA i can go as far as to call it a real catch since you're getting a midi tower that features good build quality, many features, plenty of room (always for its size) and a PSU area cover. Sure Deepcool didn't release the Dukase to hit the big boys that cost a lot more but for a budget friendly midi tower we all think it's very good and that's why we give it our Golden Award.



- Overall Build Quality
- Design
- 3-Way Fan Controller
- LED Strip Mounts
- Room For Up To 5 Fans
- Room For Two 240/280mm Radiators
- Six Drive Spots (3x3.5"/3x2.5")
- PSU Area Cover
- Space For 390mm Long Graphics Cards & 170mm Tall CPU Coolers
- Price (USA)



- Price (EU)
- Quality Of Plastic Used
- Single Pre-Installed Fan