17 - 02 - 2018
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S2 Innovation AXIOM Pro Dust-Proof Midi Tower Review

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As always the purpose of this section is not to build a fully working system but rather to showcase what you can expect from the case at hand in terms of interior space.

s2inno axiom pro 42t

The AXIOM Pro is not a very large tower (larger than many midi towers still) but thanks to the fact that the power supply area is right next to the 24/8pin mainboard power connectors the really thick cables will not get in your way.



s2inno axiom pro 43t

You should be able to mount even the largest CPU Coolers around just as long as they are up to 162mm in height.



s2inno axiom pro 43t

There's also no problem in mounting the longest graphics cards since the AXIOM Pro has room for up to 370mm long ones.



s2inno axiom pro 44t

You can also use the largest power supply around but since the drive bays are very close i don't recommend that.



s2inno axiom pro 45t
s2inno axiom pro 46t

A normal sized PSU is a far better solution since you will have only slight issues with it's cables and the bottom drives.