17 - 02 - 2018
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S2 Innovation AXIOM Pro Dust-Proof Midi Tower Review

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s2inno axiom pro 06t

When looking at the AXIOM Pro i don't know if it looks like a sports car or a fighter plane i do however know that the two S-Filter Cyclone "turbines" look nice.



s2inno axiom pro 07t

Both side panels are quite standard but S2 Innovation has a side window panel available for sale.



s2inno axiom pro 08ts2inno axiom pro 09t
One of the things i found very useful is the two openings at the right top corners of both panels which are used to mount/unmount the 5.25" drive.



s2inno axiom pro 10t

Most of the front fascia features several glossy parts but there are also some matte sections as well.



s2inno axiom pro 11t

S2 Innovation calls this the Cyclone Dust Collector but i still see them as small turbines.



s2inno axiom pro 12ts2inno axiom pro 13t
Under each collector there's a tray in which the dust gets collected.



s2inno axiom pro 14t

The trays are removable for easier cleaning.



s2inno axiom pro 15t

The company logo is placed at the lower end of the fascia but the badge quality is not close to how good it could be (i hope the guys at S2 Innovation fix this).



s2inno axiom pro 16t

For good or bad the AXIOM Pro has but a single 5.25" drive bay (obviously for optical drive use).



s2inno axiom pro 17ts2inno axiom pro 18ts2inno axiom pro 19t
The D-Pot docking station is placed at the top of the AXIOM Pro and it can accommodate both 2.5/3.5" drives. When you want to eject the drives you just need to push the top cover upwards.



s2inno axiom pro 20t

On the left side of the D-Pot we see the headphones/microphone ports, the digital audio controls for the headphones (volume +/-), a mute button with a mute LED and the reset button right next to the HDD activity LED.



s2inno axiom pro 21t

Moving on the right side of the D-Pot we see 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports and the on/off power button right in front of the power LED.



s2inno axiom pro 22ts2inno axiom pro 23t
At the top we also see a large perforated space with the AXIOM logo at the center but what really steals the show is the Low/Standard speed fan controller switch right next to it.



s2inno axiom pro 24ts2inno axiom pro 25t
As we've come to expect from PC Cases the rear is also painted black but what we really liked here is the covers placed on the water cooling grommets.



s2inno axiom pro 26t

Rubber coated thumbscrews hold both side panels in place.