17 - 02 - 2018
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S2 Innovation AXIOM Pro Dust-Proof Midi Tower Review

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   Innovation is not something we see very often in the PC market lately and that goes double when we're talking about PC cases since although manufacturers tend to equip them with features a lot more than in the past still none of those features is really something we haven't seen before. This is perhaps one of the area that new manufacturers surpass the really well-known ones since they need the "extra push" in order to establish themselves in the market and what better way to do that than to answer the requests/recommendations of consumers and hope for the best? S2 Innovation is a brand new manufacturer based in Korea which i have to admit i knew nothing about up until 3 months ago when we first inquired about their brand new AXIOM Pro Midi Tower PC Case which is quite interesting since it incorporates a very innovative filtration intake system along with several other useful features. Well roughly 2 months later it found its way onto our photo bench and today we can finally unveil our review.


   Our company, S2 Innovation Co., Ltd (www. s2inno.com), has been developing and manufacturing unique products such as industrial electronic control modules, cooling solutions, peripherals for the PC and software ordered by enterprises for nearly 16 years since 1997. Also, we have been working on various information supplying applications for both private and corporate use. Now we are concentrating our efforts on launching the latest product of the S2 innovation range, the AXIOM Pro, and are in no doubt that it will bring a global change in not only the way that its users see PC cases but it will also revitalize the experience surrounding PC cases. Our entire staff will make their best effort to develop and supply unique and practical products for our customers.


   S2 Innovation has named their unique triple filtering system used in the AXIOM Pro the S-Filter which basically makes use of centrifugal forces to remove dust from the air and collect it inside a removable dust collection box. Granted this is not a feature that will skyrocket the performance of your system nor will it help in the easier installation of components but it should save consumers quite a bit of time since there's no longer the need to remove and clean air filters every now and then. However that's not all and so S2 Innovation has also equipped the AXIOM Pro with a headphone amplifier paired with digital audio controls, a top docking station/bay for both 2.5/3.5" drives (called the D-Pot), 4 specially designed drive bays capable of holding both 2.5/3.5" drives, a weird fence like section used for easy cable management and finally a two speed fan controller connected to all 3 pre-installed 120mm fans (two are part of the S-Filter intake system). Overall although this is the first attempt by S2 Innovation to enter the PC Case market it really seems that their solution offers more than most others so let's take a closer look.