21 - 11 - 2017
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Cooltek Coolcube Maxi Micro-ATX/Mini-ITX Case Review

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   Roughly 5 years ago if someone had asked about my opinion regarding the future of PCs I’d never have imagined that 5 years later everything would start to miniaturize for the sake of progress. It's true that up until this day that i type these lines high-end, enthusiast and enterprise-grade systems are not limited in size in any way but from the somewhat recent announcement by Intel stating that they too will focus all their resources in shrinking everything i don't think that time will take long to come and whether or not that "evolution" will turn out to be a good thing only time can tell. However people who wish to have a small PC that can fit even under their TV set need not wait for that time since mini-ITX and micro-ATX mainboards are already half the size of normal ATX ones (and even smaller compared to XL-ATX/EATX) without really lacking much in terms of performance. The only real issue so far has been the limited number of micro-ATX/mini-ITX cases available that can actually take full advantage of what high-end mainboard models have to offer but Cooltek with their latest Coolcube MAXI aims to change that.


   Cooltek offers you high-quality PC cases and accessories at an outstanding price-performance-ratio. Our products meet internationally recognized quality standards and are distinguished by their durability and exceptional value for money. Our main area of expertise are a broad variety of PC cases, ranging from small HTPC-formats- like the award winning Coolcube family - to full-fledged Midi-Tower chassis that offer outstanding features for small costs. Besides our line of PC cases, we offer you selected products from the areas of noise reduction, PC modding, cooling and high-end power supplies. By choosing Cooltek products you opt for innovative technology and leading designs.


   Although Cooltek is not amongst the well-known manufacturers of PC Cases their products have won numerous awards from EU based media and though i can't comment about all of them since obviously we haven't tested them i have to admit that the Coolcube MAXI offers many things that we don't see with the majority of similar micro-ATX/mini-ITX cases in the market. More specifically the Coolcube MAXI has room in its interior for up to three 3.5" drives (or 2x3.5" and 1x2.5"), a total of three 80mm fan mounting spots, space for a full sized PSU and finally a grant total of 4 PCI expansion slots which means you can use up to 2 graphics cards in SLI/CF (or even 4 if you can find single slot ones). How did Cooltek manage to squeeze all those things inside a somewhat tiny case? Well they actually did so by rotating the usual configuration by 90 degrees resulting in a weird but efficient result. Let's move forward with this review to see exactly what we're talking about.