20 - 02 - 2018
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deepcool captain 240 ex rgb 7t

Appearance-wise the CAPTAIN 240 EX RGB looks exactly like the regular CAPTAIN series.



The dual-fan radiator is exactly 27.6mm thick as seen from the above picture (more like 27.5mm since our tool is off a bit).



DeepCool has sealed the fill-port so if you open it for any reason you will void your warranty.



With a FPI (fins per inch) count of 20 the radiator used is a high-performance model.



Both tubings are 310mm long, braided and very flexible.



Largely thanks to the glass used the reactor pump has been one of the best looking in the market since its release many years ago.



Unfortunately although you can rotate both tubings from the pump the range of motion is limited as showcased above.



The copper base comes ready with a thin layer of thermal conductive material.



The TF120 120mm PWM fans can reach speeds of up to 1800RPM (-+10%) to produce up to 153.04CFM worth of airflow with 3.31mmH2O air pressure and 31.3dBA of noise.



These fans feature anti-vibration rubber pieces on all four corners and uniquely designed fan blades which increase air-pressure.



With both fans mounted the CAPTAIN 240 EX RGB is now almost 52.5mm thick.



The bundled fan hub may not be anything new since we've seen it with all previously released CAPTAIN models but still it's very useful.



Shipping the CAPTAIN 240 EX RGB with a small RGB controller was a good move by DeepCool.



The same goes for the bundled 350mm long RGB LED strip.



Here we see some of the colors you can set the pump LEDs to.



As expected if you connect both the pump and the LED strip to the bundled controller the output color will be the same for both.