20 - 01 - 2018
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CORSAIR Hydro H150i Pro Low Noise 360mm RGB Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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corsair hydro h150i pro 8t

Once again we see the usual radiator/tubes/pump/waterblock combo but this time over it's easy to see that CORSAIR has focused more in quality.



Their logo is placed on the side of the 27mm thick radiator.



The H150i Pro radiator features an FPI (fins per inch) count/density of 21.



Just like with the H115i the H150i Pro features two 350mm long black sleeved tubes.



CORSAIR has placed their logo ontop of the pump/waterblock combo (a LED placed beneath it is responsible for the RGB illumination).



A small micro USB port is placed at the front of the base and you will have to connect it with your mainboard in order to control the H150i Pro via the LINK software (you can also connect it to an external USB port via a regular USB to micro USB cable).



Unlike the H115i the H150i Pro features tubes which can rotate up to roughly 90 degrees from the base.



The all copper base has several visible machine marks on it and features a thin pre-applied layer of thermal conductive material on it.



In terms of connectors the H150i Pro has three four-pin fan connectors, one SATA power connector and a three-pin fan connector for the pump.



For reasons unknown to us CORSAIR decided to use their plain ML line of 120mm fans (no RGB LEDs).



With all three fans mounted onto the radiator the H150i Pro is ready to be installed in our Obsidian 900D full tower.



The thickness of the H150i Pro with all three fans mounted is roughly 52mm so it should fit into every case out there as long as it supports 360mm radiators.