21 - 10 - 2017
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EKWB EK-XLC Predator 280 Pre-filled CPU Xpandable Liquid Cooling System Review

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ek xlc predator 280 7t

At first glance the EK-XLC Predator 280 looks a lot like the 240mm model (excellent quality by EKWB as usual).



ek xlc predator 280 8t

The radiator is 45mm thick but with the 140mm Vardar F2-140 fans installed the thickness of the Predator 280 goes up to 68mm.



ek xlc predator 280 9t

By mounting the pump and reservoir at the end of the radiator you are getting vibration-free and silent operation.



ek xlc predator 280 10tek xlc predator 280 11tA fluid filling port is placed right over the pump while a fill/drain port is placed at the front of the radiator.



ek xlc predator 280 12t

The F2-140 Vardar fans feature excellent build quality and can reach speeds of up to 1600RPM to produce up to 84CFM of airflow with 18.6Pa of pressure and 31.6dBA of noise.



ek xlc predator 280 13tek xlc predator 280 14t
Once again the power control board can give power not only to the two fans and the pump but also to a third fan (as mentioned in our review of the 240 model this board is probably also used in the 360 model).



ek xlc predator 280 15t

Although the CoolStream PE radiator model used with the Predator 240 has an FPI count of 19 the CoolStream CE model of the Predator 280 has an FPI count of 16.



ek xlc predator 280 16t


The two 400mm long EK-ZMT tubes connect the pump to the supremacy mx water block.



ek xlc predator 280 17t

One of those tubes includes the quick disconnect coupling.



ek xlc predator 280 18t

We've seen better looking water blocks but the supremacy mx fits nicely with an AIO model.



ek xlc predator 280 19t

EKWB has once again used silver fittings just like with the 240 model.



ek xlc predator 280 20tek xlc predator 280 21t
Worth mentioning is that the copper base of the supremacy mx is not only flat and features a mirror like finish but it also has a total of 47 micro channels inside.