25 - 02 - 2018
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Alphacool Eisbaer 240 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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   We've pointed several times in the past that CPU coolers haven't advanced much in the recent years but with AIO liquid CPU cooling solutions offering very good performance and new CPU models featuring even lower TDP (Thermal Design Power) numbers it may be a while before we actually see something new and "exciting". Still as expected that doesn't stop manufacturers from updating their AIO liquid CPU cooling lines with "upgraded" models offering improved cooling efficiencies (most of the time anyways) and new features. Of course since AIO models are basically cut-down versions of the much larger watercooling kits it only makes sense that manufacturers are always looking for ways to "bridge" the gap between both not only in terms of performance but also in features. Today with us we have one such model and more specifically the 2nd AIO liquid CPU cooling solution by Alphacool called the Eisbaer (240 model).

   Alphacool are based in Germany and are one of the biggest producers of watercooling components for the PC market. Their products are sold worldwide which is testament to the quality of products they sell and are renowned for being very high performing.

   The brand new Eisbaer (polar bear) AIO liquid CPU cooler by Alphacool aims to further improve both on the performance and features of its predecessor the award winning Eisberg (iceberg). To that end Alphacool has equipped the Eisbaer with a quick-lock mechanism which can be used to quickly add another radiator and even an GPU waterblock in the loop (it's also fully compatible with their GPX-Pro AIO liquid cooler which Alphacool will release later this year). In terms of specifications things are somewhat strange since Alphacool seems to have taken a step back when comparing the Eisbaer to their previous Eisberg model. So although both models feature identical radiators (278mm long and 30mm thick) and PVC tubings with anti-kink coils the brand new Eisbaer features a ceramic pump that runs at 2600RPM and can push up to 70 liters of liquid per hour up to 0.85 meters the Eisberg features a ceramic pump that runs at 3600RPM and can push up to 120 liters of water per hour up to 2.2 meters (delivery). On the other hand the brand new Eisbaer comes with two of their latest high-static pressure 120mm Eiswind sleeve-bearing fans 1700RPM speed/63.85CFM airflow/29dBA noise/1.66mm H2O air pressure) whereas the Eisberg featured two of the previous generation 120mm Coolmove 2 hydro dynamic bearing fans (1300RPM speed/58.6CFM airflow/23dBA noise/1.48mm H2O air pressure). The only question is whether or not these fans can overcome the performance difference between these two pumps although in all likelihood performance should not be impacted with just one radiator in the loop.