20 - 11 - 2017
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CRYORIG A40 Hybrid Liquid Cooling System Review

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   When we finished our tests with the A80 Hybrid Liquid Cooling System the very first thing we thought about was just how much better it would be had CRYORIG used a thicker radiator like they did with the A40 Ultimate (perhaps an A80 Ultimate is on the way?). At the same time however we also wondered about just how its smaller brother the A40 would perform and as you can all tell from our charts it doesn’t fall that far behind. Unfortunately these good performance numbers come at a price since the two 120mm fans used are rather fast and thus louder compared to the 140mm ones used in the A80. Granted the difference between the A80 and the A40 is roughly 4dBA but it is there nonetheless so do take it into account. As for the 70mm fan once again we used a laser thermometer and recorded a good drop in temperatures around the CPU area but just like when reviewing the A80 we can’t really say whether or not this can improve overclocking and/or system stability.

   CRYORIG may not have the most affordable products in the market today but with a current price tag set at USD104.35 inside the USA (Amazon.com) and at 103.50Euros inside the EU (Amazon.de) the A40 Hybrid Liquid Cooling System is priced just about right. There’s one problem however and that has to do with the A40 Ultimate and its thicker radiator (and thus better cooling performance) since that model costs just USD10/6Euros more compared to the A40. Of course not everyone will want a thicker radiator but for people with large enough PC cases this should be the obvious choice. That aside the A40 is yet another high-performance cooler by CRYORIG and although it doesn’t do well in terms of noise levels it’s still more than just good enough for our Golden Award.



- Build Quality
- Top Of The Charts Performance
- Thin Radiator (27.5mm)
- Up To 4 120mm Fans In Push & Pull
- Extra 70mm Radiator (CPU Socket Area Cooling)
- Easy Installation - Price (For Some)



- No Control Software
- Noise Levels