20 - 11 - 2017
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CRYORIG A80 Hybrid Liquid Cooling System Review

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   When I first heard about CRYORIG working on a “Hybrid” AIO liquid CPU cooler I thought it would be something like the ones Swiftech has been making for a couple of years (I know many of you have asked for reviews of those so you should know that we haven’t given up yet) which allow for expansion of the loop like the EX-Predator series by EK. CRYORIG however had different plans so aside the fact that their A80 is a dual 140mm radiator (increased fin surface) and thus not something we see a lot it also has a very powerful pump and a 70mm fan which actually does cool the components around the CPU area. Now I can’t say for certain that it performs exactly like CRYORIG showcases with their thermal monitor since we don’t have one but by using a laser thermometer we did record noticeable drop in temperatures especially under heavy load. Again I don’t know if this will help you reach new heights in overclocking but it’s still better than not have it at all. As for performance I think our charts speak for themselves and so thanks to the extra radiator surface (and new generation pump) the A80 not only outperforms 240mm models with easy but it also competes head on with 360mm ones (also the extra 70mm fan doesn’t increase noise levels at all).

   It seems that CRYORIG has given some thought when it comes to pricing as well since currently consumers can purchase the A80 Hybrid Liquid Cooling System for just USD124.50 inside the USA (Amazon.com) and for 113.83Euros inside the EU (Amazon.de). True you can find many 240mm and even some 360mm models at around the same price range but we think that it unless you want the best of both worlds (meaning the ability to expand the loop like with the Swiftech and EKWB solutions) the A80 is a great choice currently and that’s why it gets our Platinum Award.



- Build Quality
- Top Of The Charts Performance
- Thin Radiator (27.5mm)
- Up To 4 140mm Fans In Push & Pull
- Extra 70mm Radiator (CPU Socket Area Cooling)
- Easy Installation
- Price (For Some)



- No Control Software
- Wide Radiator (May Not Fit In Cases With 240mm Radiator Mounts)