25 - 02 - 2018
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Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 Direct CPU Cooler Review

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true spirit 140 direct 6t

As mentioned earlier the heatsink of the TRUE Spirit 140 Direct measures 161.48mm in height, 140mm in length, 42mm in width and weighs 650g.



The top fin is painted black and as you can see all fins have the Thermalright logo cut in them.



There are 48 aluminum fins on the heatsink of the TRUE Spirit 140 Direct.



From the sides we see that the heatpipes are stacked in such a way that air coming from the 140mm fan doesn't leak from the sides.



We were quite surprised to see that the TRUE Spirit 140 Direct has a total of five 6mm all-copper nickel plated heatpipes instead of the 6 featured in the BW Rev.A model.



Here you can see the H.D.T feature of the cooler along with the new mounting bracket.



The TY-140 black 140mm PWM fan is not new to us since we've seen it many times with air coolers by Thermalright.



Remember that you need to mount these round rubber fan pads as seen above prior to placing the fan on the heatsink.



With the TY-140 fan attached the TRUE Spirit 140 Direct becomes 77mm wide.