21 - 10 - 2017
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DeepCool GamerStorm Assassin II CPU Cooler Review

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deepcool assassin ii 06t

With both fans installed (i really like the black & red color combo) the Assassin II is not only quite heavy (1479g) but also quite large (167mm tall, 143mm wide and 158mm long).



deepcool assassin ii 07t

The Assassin II may be yet another dual heatsink (twin-tower) design but unfortunately you may not be able to add a 3rd fan at the rear.



deepcool assassin ii 08t

Each heatsink has a total of 48 aluminum fins.



deepcool assassin ii 09t

The rear heatsink features an arrow design which makes the mounting of 3rd fan rather difficult (although it's possible).



deepcool assassin ii 10t

DeepCool has placed their logo on the top fins of both heatsinks.



deepcool assassin ii 11t

Both fans used with the Assassin II feature fluid dynamic bearings and rubber vibration absorbing frames.



deepcool assassin ii 12t

As also mentioned in the introduction page the 120mm PWM fan can spin up to 1400RPM to produce 68.06CFM of airflow with 27.3dBA of noise while the 140mm PWM fan can spin up to 1200RPM to produce 70.08CFM of airflow with 26.5dBA of noise.



deepcool assassin ii 13t

This is not the first time we've seen eight 6mm nickel plated copper heatpipes used in a CPU cooler but it's still impressive.



deepcool assassin ii 14t

The base of the Assassin II features a mirror-like finish (it had some machine marks on it however).