25 - 02 - 2018
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DeepCool GamerStorm Assassin II CPU Cooler Review

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   It may be true that the technology behind CPU air coolers hasn't changed that much over the past two decades (we've witnessed some innovations over the years but so far nothing has really taken off) but we really can't say the same about their size and design. I mean just look what's available currently in the market compared to past and even most current ISF solutions that ship with boxed CPUs. We don't just have both U-type (tower) models and C-type (top-down) models to choose from but those also come in many different sizes aimed towards pretty much every consumer out there from casual and HTPC users up to gamers, enthusiasts, overclockers and yes even professionals. So even though technology remains basically the same people have countless more choices right now offered by a much larger number of companies compared to even just 10 years ago. DeepCool may not be amongst the really old players in the market but in just a few years they've released a good number of CPU coolers (amongst others) one of which was the very good GamerStorm Assassin which has been succeeded by the new Assassin II.

   Deepcool was founded with the mission of providing the best performance & humanized thermal solutions for worldwide customers. Deepcool design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality products, covering desktop cooling solutions, laptop cooling solutions, server cooling solutions, embedded cooling solutions, and other thermal components. Our goal is to maintain customer satisfaction by serving our customer’s ever-changing thermal needs and providing the quickest and most comprehensive service available. As our slogan goes, we wish you all “Enjoy your cool life”!

   Since the new Assassin II is ment to continue the successful path laid by its predecessor the original Assassin it was only natural for DeepCool to use the same U-Type Tower dual-heatsink (sandwich) design. Usually we don't see that many differences between old and new models but DeepCool has actually worked quite a bit on the new Assassin II since compared to its predecessor it's thinner (143mm vs 144mm), taller (167mm vs 160mm), longer (158mm vs 154mm) and heavier (1479g vs 1378g). Both coolers are equipped with eight 6mm nickel plated heatpipes and two fans (140mm & 120mm) but whereas the original Assassin had one 140mm (1400RPM/80.28CFM/32dBA) and one 120mm (1200RPM/52.35CFM/23.2dBA) fan (green & black ones) the Assassin II comes ready with one 140mm (1200RPM/70.08CFM/26.5dBA) and one high-speed 120mm (1400RPM/68.06CFM/27.3dBA) fan (red & black ones). So the time has come for us to find out just how much these tweaks changed things for the new Assassin II CPU Cooler by DeepCool.