20 - 11 - 2017
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Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power CPU Cooler Review

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   Well although i didn't really expect to see such cooling performance results the True Spirit 140 Power actually matched the performance of the single fan Archon SB-E model and just in case you're all wondering yes that's a very good thing. Of course the Archon SB-E X2 model is still quite superior to the True Spirit 140 Power thanks to its dual fans but on one hand that was something we expected all along while on the other you should get similar results if you strap a second fan onto the True Spirit 140 Power. Quality is also very good as is the 140mm TR-TY147 fan since its noise levels never went above 41dBA thus making the True Spirit 140 Power the most silent CPU Cooler in our charts (at load that is).


   With a current price tag set at USD54.95 inside the USA (Amazon.com) and 39.99Euros inside the EU (PC-Cooling.de) the True Spirit 140 Power CPU Cooler by Thermalright offers a very good price/performance ratio which I’m positive consumers will not ignore. Now i do prefer dual heatsink models like the Silver Arrow more since they are obviously the way to go if you want the best possible cooling performance from a tower CPU Cooler but there's no denying that the True Spirit 140 Power performed extremely well. The only issue i can think off that might trouble some potential buyers is its height something which Thermalright is quite familiar with and that's why they've also released the True Spirit 120i model. Overall the True Spirit 140 Power delivers on everything Thermalright promises and since its price/performance ratio is hard to come by it gets our Golden Award.



- Build Quality
- Very Good Cooling Performance
- Size (No Clearance Issues)
- 140mm PWM Bundled Fan
- Low Noise Levels
- Universal Compatibility
- Price (For Some)



- Height (For Some)



Posted: 3 years 3 months ago by grayhoose #1476
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rather nice.