20 - 11 - 2017
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Thermalright True Spirit 140 Power CPU Cooler Review

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true spirit 140 power 07t

The 880g heavy heatsink of the True Spirit 140 Power measures 171.2mm in height, 155mm in width and 53.4mm in thickness.



true spirit 140 power 08t

Thanks to its height the heatsink has a total of 46 aluminum fins.



true spirit 140 power 09t

Although not closed on both sides the fins are actually designed in such way to improve airflow levels.



true spirit 140 power 10t

The top fin is painted black and as you can see you can add a 2nd 120/140mm in push & pull if you want.



true spirit 140 power 11t

There are six 8mm all-copper nickel plated heatpipes that leave the base of the cooler and pass through all of its fins.



true spirit 140 power 12t

As usual for a Thermalright cooler the base of the True Spirit 140 Power features a nice mirror like finish.



true spirit 140 power 13t

The TR-TY147 140mm PWM fan spins up to 1300RPM to produce up to 73.6CFM of airflow with just 21dBA of noise.



true spirit 140 power 14t

Prior to installing the fan you should add the silicon pads on all 4 corners to reduce vibration.



true spirit 140 power 15t

With the pads and the TR-TY147 fan mounted the True Spirit 140 Power is now 80mm thick.


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rather nice.