21 - 11 - 2017
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CRYORIG R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler Review

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   Much like regular hard disk drives and solid state drives CPU Air Coolers may never get completely replaced by liquid coolers or at least not anytime soon so it's quite normal to see more and more models get introduced all the time. Now I’ve said it before and i will say it again, you don't have to be a nuclear scientist in order to make a CPU Air Cooler but you do need to have a grasp of the key ingredients of success along with passion for perfection (love for what you do is also important). Unfortunately the vast number of manufacturers out there only copy what they see and although that's always a good way to compete against the ones that do in the end their products are simply not on par. CRYORIG is a brand new CPU Air Manufacturer but the people working there share the traits i mentioned above and on top of that have already worked for the leading manufacturers in the field like Thermalright and Prolimatech so we couldn't wait to test their R1 Ultimate which arrived on our doorstep just a couple of weeks ago.


   CRYORIG was officially founded in 2013, but took several years in the making. We began our journey right at the start of the first decade of the 2000’s. During what was the most prosperous age of PC DIY and Overclocking. Members of our team have either worked directly or indirectly with brands such as Thermalright, Prolimatech, Phanteks and many more. We ourselves are overclockers and PC modding enthusiasts, with a passion and drive to strive for improvement. With direct knowledge of manufacturing and design as well as holding multiple patents under our collective belt, we decided to make a name for ourselves, and that name is CRYORIG. So what is CRYORIG exactly? CRYORIG is about making the coolest rig possible. Unsatisfied with what was available on the market at the time, we decided to start a something new something bigger. At CRYORIG, we don’t make products that are just good enough to fulfill a purpose, we go all out. We start on a journey to design the best performing, highest quality and coolest looking product that we can. Something that we ourselves want, and something that we are confident in delivering to our supporters. When buying a CRYORIG product feel assured that you are getting the best of all worlds.


   Working with and for some of the best CPU Air Cooler manufacturers in the market seems to have paid off since the CRYORIG team has designed, manufactured and released perhaps the most impressive CPU Air Cooler we've ever seen (to date anyways). Of course the basic concept behind the R1 Ultimate is not really new so once again we have a sandwich type body that consists by two large heatsinks connected to a copper base via 7 nickel plated all-copper 6mm heatpipes along with two 140mm fans placed in push and pull configuration. CRYORIG however didn't stop there so to further increase the cooling efficiency of the R1 Ultimate they optimized several aspects from the design of the fins and the positioning of the heatpipes up to the two 140mm fans and the addition of two shrouds. With so many sandwich type CPU Air Coolers in the market however (and with quite a few in our database) the R1 Ultimate seems to have its job cut out for it so the real question that needs answering is just how good the crew of CRYORIG really something which we will be answering shortly.