24 - 11 - 2017
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XSPC Raystorm 750 EX280 WaterCooling Kit Review

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   When you're testing PC hardware and electronics like we do there's really nothing better than to get in your test room (or lab as some like to call it) and see that the current ambient temperature is at around 23-25 degrees Celsius if not less. This is also part of the reason as to why i really enjoy and prefer the winter season over the summer one although i know most people feel the exact opposite. Still although winter is almost here that may not be enough to help keep your system cool and so since quite a few of you have requested it we will do our best to bring reviews of some of the most popular custom watercooling kits (aka loops) in the market aimed towards professionals, overclockers, serious gamers and enthusiasts. One such watercooling kit is the latest Raystorm 750 EX280 by XSPC and after almost 3 weeks of serious testing it's finally showing its true colors.


   As gaming and overclocking enthusiasts, we started XSPC over 10 years ago with the vision of offering world-class cooling products that don’t sacrifice reliability or quiet operation in the pursuit of ultimate cooling performance. Today, our product range has expanded to include everything you need to build the ultimate liquid cooling system, from water blocks, radiators and reservoirs to fixtures and fittings. Every component we create at XSPC is engineered to the highest standards with the highest quality materials, and delivers market-leading performance without sacrificing reliability. As XSPC continues to grow, we remain totally focused on our original values and vision - creating water cooling components with superior performance and reliability.


   Whenever we test one of the extremely easy to use AIO liquid cooling solutions it doesn't take more than a couple of days to record temperatures and noise levels that's not however the case with custom watercooling kits since there are more many more things we need to check. So in the case of the Raystorm 750 EX280 (the same of course applies with every custom loop in the market) aside the fact that we had to install it we also had to wait almost a full week for the EC6 coolant (again manufactured by XSPC) to arrive since the one we had here was almost 2 years old and near it's expiry date (so naturally we wanted something at optimal condition just to be on the safe side), then we had to check and recheck to find the ideal component layout (always connect the radiator before the waterblock) and finally we also had to keep the loop running for a day to check for leaks and for air bubbles to clear out. That being said the Raystorm 750 EX280 watercooling kit consists of a dual 5.25" bay reservoir/pump combo (X2O 750 model), a dual 280mm (2x140mm) radiator, two 140mm fans and a waterblock so it's basically designed for people who seek a high performance kit that's also very easy to install and the Raystorm 750 EX280 was extremely easy to install especially thanks to the incredibly detailed installation instructions. As a matter of fact the only other thing with this kit that can even compare with its easy installation is its performance so let's see just what XSPC has brought to the table.