19 - 01 - 2018
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Xigmatek VENUS XP-SD1266 CPU Cooler Review

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   We've officially entered the winter season (if we don't see more climate changes) which as some of you know is my favorite one not only because it makes working with computers easier (lower temperatures, higher overclocks) but also because i happen to love snow. Actually if you think about it pretty much every single thing out there that happens to have overheating issues in the summer performs way better during winter (for example turbo charged engines work a lot better in the winter). So because of that i thought that it would be nice if we started testing on some of the latest CPU Coolers to hit the market starting from Xigmatek and their latest VENUS XP-SD1266 CPU Cooler (or Air Cooling System as Xigmatek calls it).


   XIGMATEK Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 with the aim of becoming one of the world leaders in the computer Peripheral field. In XIGMATEK, the major members of management have many years’ experience in Computer Peripherals, Thermal industry, manufacturing and other applications. Pursued an aggressive growth strategy, XIGMATEK invests heavily in R&D, has strategic alliances with suppliers and academia, builds up an integrated presence in major economic regions, and hones one of the world’s most efficient manufacturing operations. A team of over twenty R&D engineers, product designers and technical people (one main team in German), XIGMATEK is full with confidence to offer excellent quality products and service to meet your needs. Regards as the consumer market, as well as distributing electrical appliances through the usual channels, XIGMATEK will continue to develop new sales channels to cater to ever-changing consumer trends and demand. With our fruitful experience, we have full confidence that we can provide not only the best, reliable, environmental and performing Computer Peripheral products but excellent service also to fulfill global user’s demand.


   Xigmatek continues to name their products after mythological beings (Gods and Heroes mostly) and so since Venus is not only the second planet from the Sun but was also the Roman goddess of love, beauty, sex, fertility, prosperity and victory (a direct copy some say of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite) this time over they are clearly emphasizing on the "victory" aspect. However much like most CPU Air Coolers in the market the VENUS XP-SD1266 is nothing really exciting in terms of design since it follows the typical U-type design (or tower design) used with most. In the end we don't really look at the name nor at the design of a CPU Cooler since these matter very little to not at all, what we do look at is the end performance and so let's see what this modern VENUS has to offer.