21 - 02 - 2018
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HIS Radeon HD 7750 iCooler 1GB Low Profile Review

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   Nowadays most people use standalone hardware media players to watch movies and/or surf the web from the comfort of their living rooms but there are always those who prefer the countless applications a complete HTPC system can be used for, gaming included. However if you decide to build a very small HTPC system you need to take into account the special sized hardware parts you will require for such a project. True most components are not really hard to find (drives, CPU coolers, memory modules) and will fit in pretty much any PC case especially since most of the small HTPC cases feature their own power supplies however perhaps the most crucial and hard to find component can of course be the graphics card and compared to normal full sized ones there aren't really that many low-profile ones in the market suitable for such use. Well HIS digital just might have the solution to that with their latest AMD Radeon HD 7750 iCooler 1GB Low Profile graphics card which has been on our test bench for the past weeks.


     HIS - Hightech Information System Limited is an internationally acclaimed graphics cards company. Time and time again, HIS were compared and tested by hundreds of worldly renowned critics. The results are phenomena, HIS have proven to offer far superior, cooler, quieter, and faster graphic cards than any other leading rivals. Up to the fourth quarter of 2008, HIS has won over 1000 awards with AMD graphic solution from major media worldwide. HIS is being recognized by providing performance leading and award-wining products. HIS was established in 1987 with the mission to produce the highest quality PC products in the industry. Besides strong devotion to excellent products and services, HIS has been conducting business with the aim to "Glorifying God". Honesty and integrity are the two key principals of how HIS are conducted. Ethical business practice has been an everyday commitment to our clients, vendors, and investors. Headquartered in Hong Kong, and with sales offices and distribution networks in Europe, Middle East, North and South America, Asia Pacific Regions our worldwide customers benefits from efficient and localized services. ISO Certified, HIS's manufacturing facility in China is managed by a team of professionals with expertise in quality control and production planning. Working with world-class clients, HIS has been consistently meeting high quality standards and fulfilled volume order in short lead-time.


   Just like the Radeon HD 7770 the 7750 is also based on the same Cape Verde GPU (28nm fab process) which is basically a cut-down (and thus cheaper) version of the larger Tahiti GPU found in the 7900 line. More specifically the Cape Verde GPU used in the 7750 line features a total of 512 stream processors, 32 TMUs (texture mapping units), 16 ROPs (raster operators) and finally an 128-bit memory interface based on the brand new GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture by AMD. The HIS Radeon HD 7750 iCooler also comes fitted with 1GB GDDR5 and thanks to Eyefinity it allows you to connect up to 6 screens (although for such an low-level graphics card i see little use for that). So just by looking at the specs (and the product name) it's very easy to understand that the Radeon HD 7750 iCooler 1GB Low Profile graphics card is not for enthusiasts and gamers but rather the ideal solution for HTPC owners. Just how ideal, well that's what we are going to find out today.