21 - 02 - 2018
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LEPA B800-MAS 800W Power Supply Unit Review

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   Power supply units (PSU) have always been considered to be the heart of a computer system which couldn't be truer since we all know how important having a good PSU is especially if you want to feed stable and clean power to a really hungry SLI/Crossfire system. The good thing right now is that compared to 10 or more years ago (most PSUs then were but cheap OEM units) there are many quality PSU manufacturers around that make a wide range of such products aimed towards every consumer in the market from entry level users and gamers to enthusiasts and overclockers. Amongst the older and best manufacturers in the field is without doubt Enermax and today we have a PSU launched by their sister brand LEPA the modular 800W B800-MAS.


   In 2011, LEPA heralded the birth of a whole new rising star, shinning in the global computer hardware arena. LEPA was founded by a group of enthusiastic IT engineers with zeal about technological innovations. LEPA embodies the high standards of quality, performance and stability, and strives to provide consumers with more reliable, creative high-tech solutions. The mission of LEPA indicates - “to bring about top-quality, safe and reliable, and reasonably-priced high-tech products to global users”, we will keep staying at the forefront of technology and continue our innovation. We strive to introduce more state of the art, exciting and chic high-tech products to you.


   Although LEPA is a very new company and has yet to close 2 years of life they have released quite a few impressive power supply units so far, largely thanks to the experts over at Enermax of course. The B800-MAS PSU we have here with us today is an 800W unit featuring an 80 Plus Bronze certification, DC-to-DC converter, ERP Lot 6 support, Japanese capacitors and low profile (flat) hybrid modular cables. Certainly an 80 Plus Bronze efficiency certification is nothing special nowadays but with this particular PSU model LEPA is aiming at gamers and overclockers who don't need something even more powerful and are always looking for the sweet spot between price and performance. Since however it's been over 8 months from the last time we had anything from LEPA on our test bench we are quite eager to see just how good the latest B800-MAS really is so let's head onto the rest of this review.