24 - 11 - 2017
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NEXUS Prominent R Midi Tower Review

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   It's been far too long since i last reviewed a PC Case and since there has been quite a large number of new ones released in the market lately (many of which are already here) i think it's time i got back on track. Now as some of you know I’ve always liked full sized towers more than midi ones since installing lots of hardware in tight spaces is not really my thing, not to mention about other things such as airflow levels. However lately i have actually seen quite a few feature rich midi towers which i would actually consider using for my own test rigs (and i have if you are following our FB page) instead of full sized ones and the Prominent R by NEXUS which we have here today is such a midi tower PC Case.


   Nexus Technology BV was established in 2000 by a group of experts on heat conductivity and noise reduction in the computer industry. Their expertise and in depth knowledge and experience on heat conductivity issues and thermal characteristics was gained by working closely with many of the larger pc manufacturers for several years. The idea that brought all of them together and made Nexus a reality was to create a full line of high quality computer components which could improve the working environment by reducing noise levels. Ever since the beginning Nexus is continuously developing products to reduce noise levels and consequentially improve heat conductivity and airflow and their sole goal is to build a strong and reliable trademark for silent computing.


   At first glance don't expect to be blown away by the design of the Prominent R cause if you do you will get disappointed pretty fast since this is an elegant, high quality PC Case with simple lines and that's that. Of course that's just about the only "simple" thing about the Prominent R since it comes with a nice number of features such as an external SATA HDD docking station, noise insulating coating on both panels, room for a total of 6 fans for excellent airflow, tool-less installation, fan power node with six 3pin connectors, anti-vibration HDD trays and a Velcro strap at the PSU space for increased stability. So let’s take a closer look at the Prominent R by NEXUS and see what it has to offer.