21 - 02 - 2018
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Super Flower GOLDEN KING 1000W Power Supply Unit Review

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   Up until a couple of months ago owning an 80 Plus Platinum power supply was not the easiest for many people thing mainly due to their high price tags but now things have begun to settle and so there are quite a few wallet-friendly 80 Plus Platinum certified power supplies out there for every enthusiast/gamer ranging from 500W and up to 1000W. Super Flower may not be the world’s most well-known brand but they’ve been an OEM manufacturer for many of the leading companies in the field (NZXT and Kingwin are just two of those) for quite some time and now they are pointing the right way (in terms of pricing) with their latest Golden King 1000W 80 Plus Platinum certified PSU.


   Super Flower Computer Inc. is a professional switching power supply/computer cases manufacturer in mainland China with headquarters in the Taiwan area. Super Flower Computer Inc. was established in 1991, we specialize in manufacturing and developing of power supply, computer cases, and related products. With our adherence to giving the best quality, we strive to make customers' needs the top priority and to expand our market. Our well-developed products include switching power supplies, PC cases, server cases and other accessories. Jing Hua Co., Ltd. our power supply plant was established in 2006. With more than 10 years of design and manufacturing experience in the power supply industry, we offer a total solution and would like the opportunity to become your long-term power partner. If you can't find a suitable model from our catalogue, our talented R&D team can design a custom-made power supply to meet your requirements. Our consistent efforts in higher density product development and new advances in technology promise to bring you products of the best quality at all times.


   This is not the first PSU by Super Flower I’ve had the chance to test and since I’ve also tested several OEM units manufactured by them (and then rebranded) I am quite curious to see just what level of quality they have used with the GOLDEN KING 1000W (SF-1000P14PE) which as the name suggests offers 1000W of power capable of feeding even the even the most power hungry Tri-SLI/CF systems and also comes with an 80 Plus Platinum certification (highest one until the new Titanium certification gets unveiled). So the time has come to test it and see just how good it really is.