21 - 02 - 2018
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Alpenfoehn Matterhorn PURE CPU Cooler Review

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   Starting the day with a nice trip to the nearest beach (it may just be 20 miles away but with that much traffic it gets to be an entire trip until you actually get there) is perhaps the only reason as to why i would ever feel exhausted enough to think about doing a review (too much heat tends to do that). Still for me at least work almost always goes before pleasure and since CPU Coolers from pretty much every manufacturer around have been piling in our lab (i hardly have room for more) i thought it would be nice if i finally started working on them (besides it makes sense especially in the summer). So for the past 2 days on our test bench we have the latest CPU Cooler by Alpenfoehn, the mid-end Matterhorn PURE.


   Alpenfoehn is a yet well-respected German based company founded back in 2001 and is focused ever since in manufacturing efficient cooling solutions for PC systems. The company got its rather strange, yet ideal name for their field from a specific type of extremely cold wind in the Alps mountain range called Alpenfoehn.


   It was roughly 5 months ago when i last checked a CPU Cooler by Alpenfoehn, namely the massive, dual-fan K2 which was clearly designed to go up against the Noctua NH-D14 and the Thermalright Silver Arrow (and it did). So compared to the K2 the new Matterhorn PURE is not really something special but since we rarely do see special designs and technologies used (if at all nowadays) in CPU Air Coolers so that's not really the right way to judge a product. Performance, noise levels and price is what really matters in CPU Coolers (with performance and price the more important factors for most users) so let’s see just what the latest Matterhorn PURE CPU Cooler by Alpenfoehn is all about.