20 - 02 - 2018
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Crucial BallistiX Elite 16GB 1600MHz Quad Channel Kit Review

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balistix elite 16gba

   As expected the recent introduction of the very good (yet mainstream) Z77 based solutions and CPUs by Intel really changed nothing in the market (in terms of performance) and so X79 based solutions are still at the top of the food chain (although far from perfect). Now as most of you know we upgraded our main test rig to the LGA2011 (X79) with a brand new 2nd generation Intel Core i7 3930k and so because of that we will be focused on Quad Channel memory kits in 2012 (perhaps in 2013 as well if nothing better comes along). Today with us we have one such kit and more specifically the latest Ballistix Elite 16GB DDR3 1600MHz (BLE4KIT4G3D1608DE1TX0) by Crucial.


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   Prior to starting this entire review i need to point out that when Crucial send us this package the BLE4KIT4G3D1608DE1TX0 16GB kit was not available yet so instead they send us two BLE4G3D1608DE1TX0 8GB kits which should work practically the same together (or almost). That aside the Ballistix Elite series kit we have here with us may not come with the best available speeds (1600MHz is quite mainstream nowadays) but it achieves them with a very low voltage of 1.5v and very good timings of 8-8-8-24 so when used with an X79 mainboard which has no problems going up to 1.65v you should be able to work miracles with it. However should is not enough and since seeing is believing let’s not stay more time in the introduction page.