18 - 01 - 2018
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be quiet! Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1 CPU Cooler Review

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   At first the Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1 CPU Cooler may not seem to do extremely well in our thermal tests but after taking a look at the competition and our noise level chart it's quite obvious that it actually did remarkably well for a low-profile CPU Cooler. On one hand the CPU Coolers in our LGA2011 database (i7-3930k Rev.2) are mostly U-type (tower) ones designed for very good cooling efficiency (not size-restricted) and ontop of that some are even massive high-end models used primarily for overclocking. On the other hand when it comes to noise levels the Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1 proved to be the quietest one in our database even compared to a lot smaller low-profile CPU coolers. Finally take into account that our Intel Core i7-3930k is overclocked to 4GHz and things should be quite clear.


   High quality products rarely come cheap and so the be quiet! Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1 CPU Cooler currently retails for USD59.99 inside the USA (NCIX) and at 42.90Euros inside the EU (Caseking). With the updated price thanks to availability from NCIX the Shadow Rock TopFlow CPU Cooler can compete with similar products and most times even come on top since for that price you are getting one of the top 3 low-profile CPU Coolers we've ever tested and the most quiet one at that. The only drawback is that the Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1 is not very small and so it may not fit in tiny PC cases like for example the Noctua NH-L9 and the Thermalright AXP-100 but we can't have it all. Good performance, low height and almost inaudible are the three features of the Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1 that won it our Golden Award.




- Build Quality
- Good Performance
- Low Noise Levels
- Low Profile
- CPU Compatibility




- None