18 - 11 - 2017
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be quiet! Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1 CPU Cooler Review

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shadow rock topflow 07t

Just by looking at the cooler you know it's massive especially since the heatsink dwarfs the 135mm fan. Specifically the Shadow Rock TopFlow SR1 measures 126mm in height, 171mm in length and 137mm in width with a weight of 650g.



shadow rock topflow 08t

The 135mm SilentWings fan can spin up to 1500RPM and produce airflow of 66.8CFM with just 24.4dBA of noise.



shadow rock topflow 09t

I really liked the be quiet! logo placed at the front of the cooler since it's not the usual engraved one.



shadow rock topflow 10t

The heatsink has a total of 53 aluminum fins each spaced at around 0.2mm from the next.



shadow rock topflow 11t

A total of 4 all-copper nickel plated 8mm heatpipes move from the base and into the entire heatsink (i was however expecting more).



shadow rock topflow 12t

The nickel plated base is somewhat polished but not nearly enough for it to get a mirror like finish.