24 - 11 - 2017
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Spire X2.9883 CPU Cooler Review

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spire x2 sp9883b

   Spire may not be amongst the few manufacturers that aim enthusiasts and overclockers with their products but to date i can only say good things about them since they always try to hit the sweet spot between performance and price without sacrificing quality in the process. So although the X2.9883 can't really keep up with ultra-high end solutions like the Dark Rock Pro 2 or the NH-D14 but it did surprisingly well for a single heatsink/fan solution especially if you take into account the recorded noise levels. Now we are perfectly aware that compared to the 20dBA advertised by Spire the 48.3dBA recorded in our lab may seem like worlds apart but do remember that our measurements take place from just 5-10cm and not the 1m (and sometimes even more) used by most manufacturers.


   At the time we finished the review of the X2.9883 we were informed that Spire improved on the current nano precision bearing fan design (1800RPM/22dBA/74.63CFM) and replaced the X2.9883 with the X2.9884 model which currently retails for around USD50 inside the USA and 45Euros inside the EU. Certainly the new nano bearing fan used should improve the performance of the unit (slightly but it should) so if you happen to come across both the X2.9883 and the X2.9884 the choice should be quite obvious (unless the price difference is large). Personally i really liked the entire package not only because of its performance but also because of its looks and price tag which is why we present the X2.9883 CPU Cooler by Spire with our Golden Award.




- Build Quality
- Good Performance
- Overall Size
- Dual Fan Solution (Push & Pull)
- Price (For Some)



- Availability