23 - 11 - 2017
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Spire X2.9883 CPU Cooler Review

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THE X2.9883







spire x2 9883 07t

As mentioned earlier the heatsink of the X2.9883 is a mid-sized one and measures 160mm in height, 140mm in width and 47mm in depth while weighing a total of 535g.



spire x2 9883 08t

The heatsink body is made by a total of 46 nickel plated aluminum fins (the large opening in the middle should increase airflow passing through the fins).



spire x2 9883 09t

All of the heatsinks are bend inwards on both sides to keep air coming from the fan from leaking left and right (thus increasing the units cooling efficiency).



spire x2 9883 10t

The Spire logo is placed on both the top and bottom fins.



spire x2 9883 11t

Much like most tower type heatsinks you can mount up to two 120/140mm fans on the X2.9883.



spire x2 9883 12t

The X2.9883 has a total of six 6mm straight lined all-copper nickel plated heatpipes.



spire x2 9883 13t

D.T.H technology may not be something new but it should allow for faster heat transfer from the CPU to the heatpipes.



spire x2 9883 14t

The 7 bladed 120mm PWM nano precision bearing fan can achieve speeds of up to 1500RPM (+-10%) and produce airflow levels of up to 62.53CFM at just 20dBA of noise.



spire x2 9883 15t

Mounting the fan with the supplied wire fan mounts is extremely easy.



spire x2 9883 16t

With the 120mm fan mounted the X2.9883 now measures 160mm in height, 140mm in width, 72mm in depth and weighs a total of 673g.