18 - 11 - 2017
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Spire X2.9883 CPU Cooler Review

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   Although the winter season is not the most ideal time for people to go out to get a brand new CPU Cooler either to replace the stock and somewhat weak (and loud) Intel/AMD HSF or upgrade to something better from an aftermarket solution due to low temperatures still new products are released almost on a daily basis and it's our job to test them. Now as most of you know tower (U-type) CPU Coolers have been around for over half a decade but aside minor design and size differences the main concept/base is always the same. However this is quite understandable since their cooling performance levels are already very good and in some cases they are even maxed out which is why many of the leading manufacturers in the market are turning towards compact liquid CPU Coolers. Not everyone however can afford a liquid CPU Cooler and there are always those who can but don't want to spend much so because of that today we decided to test the latest U-type tower design CPU Cooler by Spire, the X2.9883.


   SpireX2 redefines the true meaning of performance PC hardware. With our exceptional style coupled with genuine product quality Spire X2 is irrefutably above and beyond the rest. For the last Fourteen years, Spire has been both recognized and respected as the #1 manufacturer of computer thermal solutions from Europe. The quality and reliability of our products has earned us the loyalty of many well known partner distributors throughout the world and we have maintained close business ties with international names in the computer industry. Our dependable products and community resources make it possible for Spire to not only compete, but to deliver quality and powerful PC hardware solutions. Spire products have acquired approvals and recommendations from trusted household names Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, and VIA. We are also recognized by the International Standard Commission for Quality Assurance in 1999 against ISO 9001. Spire X2 strives to surpass the needs of our customers with the satisfaction and our guarantee of reliability, compatibility and consistency in our products. Our mission is to provide the highest endeavor of performance while obtaining high-quality levels in our computing products.


   Much like many similar units out in the market the X2.9883 CPU Cooler by Spire is basically a mid-sized, nickel plated tower CPU Cooler with a TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 130W (max=150W), universal CPU Compatibility (Intel/AMD), D.T.H (direct touch heatpipe) base, six 6mm all-copper heatpipes and a 5 year warranty. One of its strong cards however is the bundled 120mm PWM nano precision bearing fan with which the X2.9883 promises top notch cooling performance levels with minimum noise. Certainly we've heard similar claims before by pretty much every single manufacturer out there so the time has come for us to see whether or not the X2.9883 delivers on what it promises.