20 - 01 - 2018
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Akasa Venom Toxic Black Full Tower PC Case Review

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   Whenever any of us thinks about PC cases i have to admit that Akasa is not amongst the very first manufacturers that come in mind but the Venom Toxic Black is actually so good that to date it's perhaps the only Full Tower PC Case designed and manufactured by Akasa that I’d consider using to house one of my test benches. It looks good, has plenty of interior space (XL-ATX mainboards), comes with 3 preinstalled fans (2x230mm/1x140mm), has room for up to 5 extra fans for extreme airflow levels, features two speed fan control knobs, packs 10 PCI expansion slots, offers space for 330mm long graphics cards, has 4 water cooling grommets and finally comes with space for a top 240mm radiator so what more can one ask? The only thing I’d like to see would be a metal front fascia instead of a hard plastic one but taking into account its price range i doubt this would be possible and in the end it's really not much of a deal.


   As far as i can remember Akasa has always followed an aggressive price policy compared to many of the other leading manufacturers so we were very glad to see that they haven't change their ways and so the Venom Toxic Black Full Tower PC Case currently retails for around USD130 inside the USA and at 133Euros inside the EU (Overclockers.co.uk). True as with pretty much everything if you are willing to cross the USD200/200Euros price range you will find many PC Cases with more features and higher build quality than the Venom Toxic Black but that really means nothing. The fact is that the Venom Toxic Black is a good looking quality full tower that offers plenty of space, great airflow levels, many features and all that at a very good price tag which is also why it gets our Golden Award.




- Build Quality
- Design (For Some)
- Spacious Interior (XL-ATX Mainboards)
- Airflow Levels (2x230mm/1x140mm)
- Space For Up To 5 Extra Fans
- Speed Fan Control Knobs
- Room For Up To 330mm Long Graphics Cards
- Top 240mm Radiator Space
- 10 PCI Expansion Slots
- Price (For Some)




- Hard Plastic Used
- Current Availability In The USA