21 - 11 - 2017
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Akasa Venom Toxic Black Full Tower PC Case Review

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venom toxic black 22t

The Venom Toxic Black has a very spacious interior which can fit even XL-ATX mainboards.



venom toxic black 23t

All six 5.25" optical drive bays come with tool-free locking mechanisms.



venom toxic black 24t

You can install up to six 3.5"/2.5" drives in the Venom Toxic Black and thanks to the forward 230mm intake fan they should all get sufficient cooling.



venom toxic black 25t 

There are 9 cable managed holes on the mainboard tray of the Venom Toxic Black.



venom toxic black 26t

The rear 140mm exhaust fan is perhaps the noisiest of all the three pre-installed ones.



venom toxic black 27t

The locking mechanism used for all 10 PCI expansion slots is one of the sturdiest ones around.



venom toxic black 28t

At the bottom of the case we see 4 rubber feet for the PSU (the front ones are adjustable to accommodate both normal and long power supply units) and an 120/140mm fan spot with an air-filter.



venom toxic black 29t

People who enjoy routing cables behind the mainboard tray will be delighted to hear that the Venom Toxic Black has quite a bit of space between the tray and the right side panel.



venom toxic black 30t

Sometimes when i look at the top fan space from the interior i wonder why manufacturers don't use two top 200mm exhaust fans instead of a single 230mm one (even one 230mm fan however is more than sufficient).