18 - 11 - 2017
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Akasa Venom Toxic Black Full Tower PC Case Review

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venom toxic black 05t

Akasa has designed a good looking PC case that can appeal to pretty much every age group out there and much like every Full Tower out there it's quite large measuring 620mm in height, 555mm in depth and 232mm in width with a weight of 13.1kg.



venom toxic black 06t

Looking at the left side panel we see an X shaped meshed section and 3 smaller ones right above that.



venom toxic black 07t

In that X shaped section you have the ability to either install four 120mm fans, one 180mm fan or one 230mm fan.



venom toxic black 08t

The front fascia looks great although I’m not very fond of the hard plastic used.



venom toxic black 09t

There are six 5.25" bays at the front one of which comes ready for use with an 1.44" floppy drive.



venom toxic black 10tvenom toxic black 11t
A nice Venom logo is placed on the lower perforated section of the front fascia right above the Akasa logo.



venom toxic black 12t

The I/O is placed on the edge of the top and includes the on/off power button, two speed fan controllers, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, eSATA port, HDD activity LED and the usual headphones/microphone 3.5mm mini-jacks.



venom toxic black 13t

Right above that there's a medium sized storage area (this is where you place the anti-slip rubber pad).



venom toxic black 14t

One 230mm exhaust fan is placed right beneath the large meshed area found at the top of the case. Beneath the same area you can also mount an 240mm radiator (without removing the 230mm fan).



venom toxic black 15t

A large Venom logo is also printed on the right side panel but it's not that easy to spot.



venom toxic black 16t

The rear of the Venom Toxic Black comes with the same black color as the rest of the case.



venom toxic black 17t

There are 4 water cooling grommets and a 140mm exhaust fan (can be replaced with an 140mm/120mm one) at the rear top.



venom toxic black 18t

One thing that really impressed all of us was the 10 PCI expansion slots the Venom Toxic packs.



venom toxic black 19t

Once again the PSU spot is placed at the lower rear end much like most towers in the market today.



venom toxic black 20t

One of the few things we didn't like with the Venom Toxic was the use of normal thumbscrews (not rubber coated ones) which were not very easy to remove.



venom toxic black 21t

Four round feet, an air-filter right beneath the PSU space and a perforated space which you can use to install an extra 120/140mm fan.