23 - 11 - 2017
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Akasa Venom Toxic Black Full Tower PC Case Review

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   CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is once again live and although our current workload made it impossible for us to attend this year (distance is also a huge factor) we truly hope that any of you who are able to attend (especially the ones who live near Las Vegas) will do so in order to show your support for the industry and all the people working in it. Of course you can expect most manufacturers to introduce many new and innovative products during the show, some in final and others in beta form (you might want to check Occulus Rift), but regardless of the current state of the products unveiled in CES things should be quite exciting especially for professionals, enthusiasts and gamers. As for us well like i said our workload has been quite heavy even during the holidays and so today we are taking a thorough look at the latest Full Tower PC Case by Akasa, the Venom Toxic Black.


   Akasa design and manufacture a comprehensive range of high quality technology products including coolers, heatsinks and fans. We work closely with Intel and AMD to ensure our products match the complex demands of CPU and form-factor technology. So when new, advanced technology arrives, Akasa have the products and expertise to make it work for you. Akasa have extensive design and development capability in Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our thermal engineers are equipped with sophisticated computer modelling software for measuring noise and case vibrations, airflow, static pressure and temperature control. We are specifically developing advanced expertise in energy saving and silent operation technology. New products are subject to rigorous testing before committing them to market. Akasa is 100% dedicated to serving customers with reliable products which provide certainty in use. We never compromise product quality. We use high grade materials sourced from dependable suppliers. All our products are manufactured under strict quality control standards managed from our Taiwan office.


   It's been a long time since we've seen anything from Akasa so when they launched the Venom Toxic line (regular and all black model) we just had to take a look and we are quite glad we did not only because it has plenty of interior space since it's a Full Tower (we don't see many of those lately) with good build quality but also because it offers high airflow levels right from the box thanks to its 3 preinstalled fans (2x230mm/1x140mm). However that's not all that makes the Venom Toxic Black special since Akasa has also made it possible for people to add up to 5 extra fans (5x120mm/2x230mm) to increase its already excellent airflow levels and mount an 240mm water cooling radiator at the top making it one of the most versatile PC Cases we've seen lately. Overall the Venom Toxic Black looks great and offers a good range of features so follow us as we showcase each and every single one of them.