23 - 11 - 2017
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Kingston SSDNow KC100 240GB SSD Upgrade Kit Review

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ssdnow kc100 01t

Kingston ships the KC100 series inside their standard box with a product image at the front, the controller type, features, capacity and the Kingston logo.



ssdnow kc100 02t

The main product features are listed on the right side of the box in English and French.



ssdnow kc100 03t

At the rear we see the same features written in 22 different languages and several pictures showcasing the bundle contents.



ssdnow kc100 04t

The entire bundle is safely placed inside a small yet quite sturdy cardboard box.



ssdnow kc100 05t

Along with the KC100 240GB Business SSD you are also getting an 2.5" USB 2.0 enclosure, USB cable, SATA cable, SATA power cable, 3.5" to 2.5" metal bracket, mounting screws and a software CD (cloning software).


Posted: 4 years 10 months ago by freedom #398
NikKTech's Avatar
Not easy to have such charts, at least not accurate ones. We could have at least 20 more SSD models in our charts but they were tested in the past using the i7-920 CPU with the X58 Assassin mainboard and 12GB of RAM which is not quite the same as the i7-3930k with the X79-UD7 and 16GB of RAM.
Posted: 4 years 10 months ago by specialguy #397
specialguy's Avatar
Nice review. I really like when there are charts that compare against similar products. It makes it easier to decide on whether it is worth it to shell out a few extra bucks for one brand over another.