20 - 01 - 2018
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Enermax Revolution87+ 850W Power Supply Unit Review

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   Through the years Enermax has become synonym to excellence (for both me and most people i know) so whenever i get to test one of their products (power supply units mostly) there's no doubt in my mind that it will do great and take on pretty much everything i can throw at it. Luckily with a couple of exceptions very long ago (i wasn't even in this line of work back then) Enermax products have yet to really fail me and the latest Revolution87+ 850W power supply unit didn't either. So not only does it sport an 80 Plus Gold energy efficiency (87%+) but it has very tight rails and is almost inaudible even up to 97% of its maximum load. The design is also another great feature of the unit and thanks to its rugged, scratch resistant housing the Revolution87+ looks like it's ready for everything. Being Future Proof is a plus but we've seen such units for the past 2 years so it may or it may not be useful in the long run, however it's nice to have that option just in case.


   The Revolution87+ line may be less costly than the higher end Platimax line but that doesn't mean it comes cheap and so the 850W variant (ERV850EWT-G) will set you back around USD230 inside the USA (although currently you will have a very hard time finding one) and 180Euros inside the EU. That price tag that puts it right next to other similar solutions from leading brands in the field (P10/Strider Evo/AXPro). In the end it all comes down to personal preference (and performance although the differences with such high end units are not really large) so the overall build quality and design will play the largest part in a decision. Personally we really enjoy the rugged exterior of the Revolution87+ line (and the 85+ before that), its future proof feature and also because the performance of the 850W variant is not easy to come by we are awarding it with our Golden Award. 



- Build Quality
- Design (Rugged Exterior)
- Great Performance
- Almost Inaudible
- Future Proof Design
- 80Plus Gold Certified




- Price (For Some)
- Availability (USA)