21 - 11 - 2017
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Enermax Revolution87+ 850W Power Supply Unit Review

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revolution 87 850w 06t

The Revolution87+ series is based on the same design as the Revolution85+ models and so once again we see the same scratch-proof rugged grey exterior (this time however it's a gold/grey color combo).



revolution 87 850w 07t

The Enermax logo is placed at the center of the grill placed above the 140mm intake fan.



revolution 87 850w 08t

The product name is sprayed on both sides of the unit.



revolution 87 850w 09t

A large sticker with the unit’s electrical table is placed at the bottom.



revolution 87 850w 10t

The 2 modular connectors are not only color coded and tagged but there are also tags detailing each connector.



revolution 87 850w 11t

Cable sleeving is perfect as expected from a high end Enermax power supply.



revolution 87 850w 12t

At the rear we see the usual honeycomb perforation, the power plug, on/off button, Enermax logo and the two cordguard holes.



revolution 87 850w 13t

The 140mm Twister bearing fan is manufactured from Enermax but unfortunately we don't know its exact specifications (other than the typical 12V, 0.45A).



revolution 87 850w 14t

The interior of the Revolution87+ model looks a lot like the one from the Modu87+ and although that means it's been around for a while still it works better than many so why not.



revolution 87 850w 15t

Both Primary capacitors are manufactured by Matsushita Corporation (Panasonic-390μF, 400V) and come with a certification of 105 degrees Celsius.



revolution 87 850w 16t

Secondary capacitors are manufactured by Nippon Chemi-Con (1000μF, 10v) and also feature a 105 degrees certification.