18 - 11 - 2017
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Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Midi Tower Review

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   Well i don't know how but it seems that the people over at Nanoxia have managed to design and manufacture one of the best PC cases to pass through our lab in the past year. Certainly because of the many similarities with the Define R4 series by Fractal Design i am not ruling out the possibility that a 3rd party is involved in the manufacture of both towers, regardless however that doesn't change the fact that the Deep Silence 1 is a high quality, sturdy, feature rich and silent PC case. Of course much like most things in life it's far from perfect and so I’d really like to see rubber coated thumbscrews (regular ones can get really hard to remove by hand), 4 rubber feet at the PSU area instead of 2 and a more sturdy chimney at the top but in the end these tiny drawbacks are not really significant (they do exist however).


   With a current price tag set at around 120Euros inside the EU and Deep Silence 1 midi tower by Nanoxia falls exactly in the same price category as the Define R4 by Fractal Design and after taking into account their similarities the result would be a draw or at least it would be for most people. Personally however i really like the 2 separate doors at the front of the Deep Silence 1 (compared to the single door of the Define R4), the room for an 120mm radiator (perhaps two if we take into account the top position), the extra supplied fan and the better interior space (CPU Coolers up to 185mm) things that the R4 simply lacks and quite honestly this is why we award it with our Golden Award. 



- Build Quality
- Design
- Spacious Interior (185mm tall CPU Coolers / 445mm long Graphics Cards)
- 3 Pre-Installed Fans (2x120mm, 1x140mm)
- Room For A Total Of 6 Fans (120/140mm)
- 2-Channel Fan Controller
- Low Noise Levels (Almost Inaudible)
- Top Chimney
- Front/Top 240mm Radiator Spot
- Separate Top/Bottom Front Doors
- Removable Drive Cages




- Availability outside the EU
- Top Chimney Doesn't Feel Sturdy Enough