18 - 11 - 2017
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Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Midi Tower Review

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deep silence 1 29tdeep silence 1 30t
As you can see almost the entire interior surface of each side panel is dressed with noise-absorbing coating and although it's not very thick the thickness of the steel panels makes up for that in the end.



deep silence 1 31t

You can mount either an 120mm or an 140mm fan on the side panel to increase airflow inside the case (that particular spot sits right above the graphics card).



deep silence 1 32t

The interior is also black and looks quite spacious i might add.



deep silence 1 33t

All three 5.25" drive bays have locking mechanisms (not the best ever but they work).



deep silence 1 34t

Right beneath those we see 3 separate 3.5" drive cages capable of holding a grant total of 7 drives.



deep silence 1 35t

The 3.5"/2.5" steel drive trays are yet another similarity with the cases by Fractal Design (that's positive).



deep silence 1 36t

If you don't have more than two 3.5/2.5 rives you can remove the top drive cages to allow for longer graphics cards and of course better airflow from the front fans.



deep silence 1 37t

A total of 9 holes are present on the mainboard tray, 7 of those are for cable management purposes (and rubber coated) while the largest one is the CPU cutout used to change CPU coolers without removing the mainboard.



deep silence 1 38t

The rear 140mm exhaust fan comes without a protective grille.



deep silence 1 39t

The 8 PCI expansion slots are all secured in place with normal thumbscrews (again not rubber coated).



deep silence 1 40t

At the bottom we see a very large intake area for the PSU fan (so you can pretty much use the longest PSU out there) and a piece of plastic mounted right next to it.



deep silence 1 41t

Here you can mount one of the two removable drive cages whether because you have more than just two 3.5/2.5 drives available or if you want to remove the front lower cage (is held in place with screws) and mount an 240mm radiator vertically right behind the front fans.



deep silence 1 42t 

Between the noise-absorbing material of the right side panel and the mainboard tray i'd say you have enough space for cable management (around 10mm).



deep silence 1 43t

As expected the Deep Silence 1 comes with a mainboard USB 3.0 header.



deep silence 1 44t

According to Nanoxia at the top you can install either 2x120mm exhaust fans or 2x140mm exhaust fans however the amount of holes up there indicates that you can also mount a 240mm radiator (we tested it with one).