21 - 10 - 2017
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Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Midi Tower Review

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deep silence 1 05t

At first glance i wouldn't be surprised if some people mistook the Deep Silence 1 for the Fractal Design R4 PC cases since they share quite a few similarities (high quality build, size, front glossy fascia).



deep silence 1 07t

Even by just looking at the side panels you know that they are very sturdy (after having seen hundreds of PC cases thats quite obvious).



deep silence 1 08t deep silence 1 09t
The left side panel has a fan spot (closed by default) and a switch at the top (what that's for we will see later on).



deep silence 1 10t

Aside being quite reflective the front fascia is also divided in two parts, upper and lower.



deep silence 1 11t

There are also several intake holes on each side of the front fascia.



deep silence 1 12t

As you can see both doors come ready with noise-absorbing coating (something we rarely see).



deep silence 1 13t

Now at the top front Nanoxia has placed their logo (not bad but i would really like it better if it was silver or something), the reset button and an fan controller for the 2 front fans.



deep silence 1 14t

Right beneath the fan controller we see three easy removable 5.25" drive bays complete with noise-absorbing coating on the inside.



deep silence 1 15tdeep silence 1 16t
The two 120mm intake fans are placed on the lower part and as you can see are extremely easy to access.



deep silence 1 17t

Nanoxia has placed the power on/off button at the top of the front fascia.



deep silence 1 18tdeep silence 1 19t
The I/O is placed right above the power button (towards the rear) and contains two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports and the usual headphones/microphone mini-jack connectors.



deep silence 1 20t

A large compartment is placed at the rear top end which at first glance seems closed tight.



deep silence 1 21t

As we've come to expect from most PC cases the rear has the same black matte color as the rest of the tower.



deep silence 1 22t

By default Nanoxia has placed a silent 140mm exhaust fan at the rear however you can also replace it with a 120mm fan.



deep silence 1 23t

8 PCI expansion slots and a total of 4 water cooling grommets are also things we don't usually see especially with midi towers.



deep silence 1 24t

Typically however the PSU space is once again placed at the rear bottom.



deep silence 1 25t

Both side panels are secured in place via normal thumbscrews (unfortunately not rubber coated ones).



deep silence 1 26tdeep silence 1 27t
Now remember the top area? Well it turns out that it's a panel/chimney (with two fan spots beneath it) which opens and closes from the switch placed right above the left side panel.



deep silence 1 28t

The bottom of the Deep Silence 1 has four round feet and a very long removable air-filter.