24 - 11 - 2017
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Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Midi Tower Review

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deep silence 1 01t

At the front of the box we see a large product picture alongside with several sketches showcasing its main features.



deep silence 1 02t

The color selection and the table of specifications are both placed on the sides of the box.



deep silence 1 03t

Moving at the rear we see 9 product pictures once again showcasing the main features of the Deep Silence 1.



deep silence 1 04t

As usual the Deep Silence 1 is shipped between two thick Styrofoam spacers, a plastic bag and two more Styrofoam pieces placed at the top and bottom.



deep silence 1 06t

The bundle contains the user's manual, 4 rubber feet covers, one 5.25" to 1.44" drive bay cover, 5 cable ties, 8pin PSU extension cable and a bag filled with screws and standoffs.