23 - 11 - 2017
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Nanoxia Deep Silence 1 Midi Tower Review

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   It's quite amazing that we are just over a month away from crossing to 2013 but even so although we witness the release of countless PC Cases per year (even if that just applies for the past 5 years or so) only just a handful of those actually come with serious noise-absorbing coating and are aimed towards users who cherish silence. Even more amazing is that most of those cases are not manufactured by the leading companies in the field but rather small ones who just care about providing the best possible noiseless environment. So the most famous attempts to make a really quiet PC case to date (at least the successful ones) have been by Antec (Performance One series), Fractal Design (Define series) and lately by NEXUS (Prominent series). However it really seems that there's room for more such solutions and so today we are taking a look at a PC case manufactured by Nanoxia, a German brand name which i hadn't heard of in a while.


   The idea for Nanoxia was developed in 2006 when a German engineering team sat down to develop fans that would meet the highest standards. The new fans have been presented to the press for the first time during CeBIT in March 2007. In addition to their distinctive design, the revolutionary fans were notable for their high quality. Over the years, several fan-series as well as other components - such as cooling water additives and thermal compounds - were offered. The main products, however, remain high quality fans, vibration dampers and the to this day unsurpassed PWMX fan controller. A dedicated and experienced team has begun to build on the success of the legendary fan-series with new, innovative products. At first, the FX Evo fan-series was released in early 2012 and shortly thereafter a whole new line of premium sleeved cables came out. As a new mile stone was reached after years of development, when during Computex 2012 the brand new Nanoxia Deep Silence case series was introduced to the world.


   The reason i hadn't heard the name Nanoxia in a while was because although i used to test their products back in 2008-2009 they fell off the grid during that time and so i really thought we'd never see them again. Luckily however i was wrong and so they are back and from what it seems they are even stronger than ever since now they even manufacture PC cases (back then they mostly manufactured fans and fan controllers). Manufacturing a PC case is not really something impressive, what is however impressive is that the people over Nanoxia have managed to design and manufacture a high quality PC case which can easily rival the ones we've seen from the already mentioned manufacturers in both features and extremely low noise levels. Since this is a review i don't ask anyone to trust what i'm saying so just read on and see for yourselves.