24 - 11 - 2017
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Cougar Evolution Full Tower Review

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   The fact that most PC Cases that arrive here for review purposes are designed and manufactured by the top and most well-known manufacturers in the market usually results in a very nice balance between quality and features, not to mention design. Every now and then however we do receive something special in both terms of quality and features (design too) manufactured by a not so well known company in the field and i believe that is quite more interesting since new companies lack not only the required experience but also the resources needed for such a project. So on our test bench today we have a product by such a company and more specifically the Evolution Full Tower by Cougar.


   COUGAR products are designed by COUGAR GERMANY, a professional R&D engineering team and COUGAR is part of the “HEC/COMPUCASE” Group. The unique combination of the world-famous German skills of designing the best products worldwide and HEC/s power and long-time experience to produce the best high quality products created innovative masterpieces in PSU history. The PC upgrading and DIY market is changing rapidly and is growing more and more. Professional user are asking for more than only stable and silent PSU/s, they want efficient and energy saving products without compromises in quality. COUGAR GERMANY created such products! COUGAR GERMANY combines the features of innovation and evolution to create efficient, powerful and unique products like “COUGAR POWER”. The purpose of COUGAR GERMANY is the satisfaction of the customer, reaching it by creating most valuable, advanced products. COUGAR – YOUR POWER!


   Cougar falls right in the middle of the two manufacturer categories i mentioned earlier since they may be rather new in the market and they may lack experience surrounding the design and manufacture of PC Cases but they don't lack the resources which is partially why their Evolution line of towers although their first attempt in the field is rather impressive. One thing you need to take notice of is that the Evolution Full Tower we have here with us today is referred to as the Evolution midi tower on the package so a product renaming probably occurred after the sampled arrived here, however i need to mention it in order to avoid possible confusion (even i learned of this change just recently). Still that’s not what really matters in the end so let's take a closer look and see just what it has to offer.