25 - 02 - 2018
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Sangean WFT-3 Digital Receiver Review

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   Listening to radio was never my thing not only because i always liked listening to music without interruptions but also because i always wanted the best possible audio quality (CD/MP3/WMA) especially while i was driving. On a second thought i also never did care much about listening to people exchange opinions over the radio (some are really not even worth listening to) so that too played a significant role in that. The introduction of Internet radio and DAB/DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus) did very little to change my overall view about radio but i have to admit that i did enjoy being able to listen to stations from all over the world from the comfort of my sofa. Sangean is one of the leading manufacturers of high-end radio related products and today we're testing their flagship WFT-3 Digital Receiver. 

   Established in 1974, the name Sangean has been recognized for its unparalleled performance and matchless quality in designing and producing high quality radio and audio product to lead in its field with a range of DAB / DAB plus, internet, world radios, work site radios, clock radio and CD sound system. With a heritage of over 40 years, Sangean has high reputation for quality and reliability in its field. With its commitment to improvement, the company remains at the forefront of product development and innovation. Innovative Design awards from international broadcasting magazines particularly the “It’s very well made in Taiwan” award from Taiwanese Government has proved Sangean to be outstanding on the product performance and features. Today Sangean has brought major innovation to the radio market in the field of digital radio, such as DAB / DAB plus radio and Wi-Fi internet radio, some of them equip with I-pod cradle capable of playing and charge your iPod / iPhone. With a skilled team of over 100 engineers in the fields of electrical, mechanical, industrial design and software, we will continue to make the world’s best radios to the highest quality standard regardless of the competition. Our unwavering devotion to quality is what helped to build this company to be what it is today, and will be the cornerstone of continuing to build our company in the future. 

   The Sangean WFT-3 Digital Receiver was clearly designed to cover the needs of radio fans since it's fully compatible with Internet, DAB/DAB+ and FM-RDS radio stations. To get a better idea about what the WFT-3 is capable off in terms of raw numbers it gives you immediate access to a total of well over 12.000 internet stations and over 200.000 podcasts and "listen-again" services worldwide. That's not all however you're getting for your money since the WFT-3 can also be used to stream audio via Spotify premium and/or the UNDOCK app from your mobile devices and can also handle popular audio formats when used as a network or USB media player including MP3 and WMA (Real Audio and ACC+ are also supported for Internet and DAB stations). The WFT-3 also features a 3.2" color TFT display (320x240p) and is equipped with both stereo RCA and SPDIF optical and coaxial audio outputs. Last but not least via its wired (RJ45 10/100) and wireless (802.11 b/g) internet connectivity it can also update its time, location and automatically receive and install new firmware updates.