18 - 01 - 2018
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Egreat A5 4k UHD Media Player Review

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egreat a5 gui 1t

As far as user interfaces go the GreatUI 10.0 by Egreat is very easy to navigate (all selections are accessible from the main screen) but not everyone may like the default pink/purple color theme (unlike most we don't use marketing pictures so since there's no "easy" way to grab snapshots we had to use our camera).



If you press the arrow key you can access the preinstalled VidOn XBMC player or add an extra one (android games included) via the App store.



Once you click on any of the available media types you will get to browse removable devices and network locations (we used the Samsung T3 512GB portable SSD).



Although the T3 portable SSD was filled with 4k material only the full MKV rip of our Batman V Superman UHD Blu-Ray was identified.



Inside the Settings selection there's a plethora of available settings grouped in 5 tabs. From the General tab you can change the user interface language, turn on the WiFi, enable/disable Ethernet, change the theme, enable/disable screen saver, enable/disable key sounds and you can also enable/disable automatic error log submission.



You can also access more from within the general tab in which case you will enter the "typical" android menu as seen above.



From the display tab you can select the desired video output.



The playback tab includes settings such as Blu-Ray region, display mode, play mode and more.



You can select the desired audio output and enable/disable passthrough from the audio tab.



Everything related to subtitles from encoding to size, format, color and position can be accessed from the subtitle tab.



It did take a while for us to post the review because we were expecting for the "best possible" firmware to be released and the recently released version 1.8.5 comes really close to that.