21 - 02 - 2018
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Dune HD TV-301A Universal FullHD Network Media Player Review

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dune hd tv 301aa

   Spending less than 3 hours with the retail version of Diablo III (finally) in 4 days is not really what i had in mind for the 14th of this month (certainly not after waiting for so long) but for good or bad business comes always before pleasure (i know, i know) especially when you have a schedule to keep. Now how many of you recall me saying that so far there have been more media players delivered to us inside 2012 than any other year in one of my last media player reviews? Well while i was writing those lines we also received the latest network/hdd media player by Dune HD, the TV-301A which naturally has been under our scope ever since.


   Dune HD GmbH is a global manufacturer of cutting-edge digital media players and hybrid media player products which combine broad IPTV/VOD support with excellent DMA (Digital Media Adapter) functionality. The company maintains corporate offices in the United States, Russia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Germany, and its distribution network covers over 60 countries. The company employs high-class engineers who design its products on the basis of cutting-edge A/V and digital media technologies. Our Software development team located in Moscow Russia and Kiev Ukraine develops dedicated software that supports all Dune HD media players. Because of this the Dune HD brand enjoys a tremendous worldwide reputation in the premium segment of Consumer Electronics.


   Dune HD recently released the TV-301 in two flavors, the TV-301A and the TV-301AW which is basically the same as the first but also features a built-in Wi-Fi adapter coupled with an external antenna. The TV-301 series are also amongst the first to feature the latest HD decoding chipset by Sigma Designs, the SD8671 which may not be their most powerful decoding solution to date but it comes really close. That aside i was somewhat surprised (in a good way) to see that the TV-301 series also feature a nice easy-swap 2.5" HDD bay which is certainly not something we see a lot with media players since most manufacturers prefer 3.5" drives. Of course the TV-301 is as big as an 3.5" hard disk drive so an 2.5" easy-swap bay was a one way for Dune HD and i am honestly glad they decided to take it. But let's take a closer look and she what else you can expect from the latest network/hdd media player to hit the market by Dune HD.